Learn Roller Derby

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Have you always wanted to give roller derby a go? If you are competitive or social, an aspiring skater or official, male or female, ARDL is the place for you.

One of New Zealand’s fastest rising teams in the rankings is welcoming all to come and join us. We will be holding Open Skate sessions on the 21st and 22nd of May from 11am to 1pm. After our open days we are starting our rookie course on May 29th. This involves 10 sessions aimed at developing skills for playing roller derby.

Bring your friends, family and loved ones in what will be the start of an exciting journey with ARDL. These sessions will be filled with the friendly faces of our league, aimed to give you confidence and simple skills to help you on your way. The cost is $10 and we highly recommend you bring gear if you have it. We will have limited gear available but will be provided on a first in first serve basis.

There are limited spaces available so register your interest fast! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, take the plunge today!

Register for our Open Skate sessions here and join our event page on facebook.

Sports pants/shorts and a loose top. You’ll find that you warm up pretty quickly while you’re on skates. Most of us wear stretchy sports/gym pants and breathable tops. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle. And socks!

We know some of you have been patiently waiting for our next intake and have already gone and got skates and pads. But for those of you who don’t have your own gear, we have a couple of options for you.

There will be hire skates available for you to use until you buy your own skates. These are circa 1970 brown boot skates with orange plastic wheels. They are a means to an end! We also have a number of skater hand-me-downs that you can wear, but these are first in first served!

Option A: The fresh-and-fruity option
We have a very limited number of derby pads available for borrowing at beginner sessions. Some of these are skater hand-me-downs, and if we get desperate, some will be our skaters’ actual pads. These are always top quality pads, but they do not always smell top quality good!

Option B: The spend-a-bit-of-money option
There are a few places around town (and online) where you can buy roller derby pads. They range in price from bargain basement Cheapskates-branded pads to proper roller derby pad options. Rebel have sets available, and K-Mart is also a cheap option. These are good for while you are a beginner skater.

Once again, we do have a limited number helmets to lend out, but if you have a helmet, please bring this with you. A derby or skateboarding helmet would be great, but also a bike helmet is fine for now.